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Complete - Flexible - Easy to Use

CARCare is Complete
  -  Fuel Economy Tracking
-  Maintenance/Service Tracking
Payments/Fees Tracking
  -  Accessories Tracking

Versatile and Flexible - You're in Control.
With CARCare, you define your maintenance schedules based on your manufacturer's recommendations in your Owner's Manual - the single authority on the proper care of your car.  You can tailor internal values so that they're meaningful to you, and you can adjust a variety of screen settings and functional options.
Easy to Use.
If you're familiar with other Windows programs, you'll gain familiarity with CARCare in minutes.  That's because CARCare was designed to work like software you already have and use. And the TestDrive videos will help you get started by demonstrating the basic features.


CARCare is all about your automotive data. Your vehicle, fuel, service, expense, and accessory information is readily available right on the main window. Dig deeper and you'll find a great deal more, from storing paint codes and tire pressures, to logging NHTSA Recalls, emissions test results, and technical specs. How much you use is up to you.

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Data at Your Fingertips

Easily track your fuel purchases, vehicle service history, and those cool after-market goodies.
You can also record all other auto related expenses like insurance premiums, registration fees and even emission test results


"You'll know what was done, when, where, and how much it cost."

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